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Although I am offering a service with Blue Ridge Hiker to create meaningful hiking trails, I cannot know everything.  Gorges State Park is too large and complex to be covered by any one person.  Also, every person has something to add because each person has his own thoughts and views that no one else has.  That is why I created the Visitor Favourites Page.  This page allows visitors to make comments, offer helpful advice, and review trails.   Experience matters.  That's why this page is for visitors by visitors.

One of the goals of Blue Ridge Hiker is to create community, and not exclusively for hikers.  Allowing comments in a forum-like setting is one of the best ways I know how to do this.  No one is going to know everything about Gorges, it just isn't possible.  Therefore, I have created the following forums about the Park.  Feel free to read through them to see what other people say and share about this wonderful area.  Add to the content and fun by sharing your own stories.

Gorges isn't only about hiking.  Cyclists, equestrians, pic-nickers, and people enjoying a beautiful drive are all welcome participants in the story.  There are also historical, natural, and ecological aspects of the Park that I cannot hope to cover in my trail reviews that would be perfect to discuss here.  Have a hiking or cycling club?  Mention it here.  Have a non-profit dealing with the Park in some fashion?  Promote it here.  Have a question about something in Gorges you do not understand?  Ask it here.  Laugh, learn, reminisce, and become part of the community.

Below are forms for "The Best of Gorges State Park", "Tips and Advice", "Q&A", and "Trail Reviews".  Share your story and/or read stories from others!

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Gorges Vistor Center  
The visitor center is cozy and inviting despite its sprawling space and vaulted ceilings. Allow time to sit for a bit and enjoy the fireplace and seating …

Do Not Miss Rainbow Falls Not rated yet
Not that I'm trying to take the sample title, but Rainbow Falls is awesome. The rainbow is almost always visible. The cool water is great for wading …

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Please ask. I will do my best to find an answer for you quickly. Others on the site are free to answer, too! Don't be shy...if you have a question, someone else has it, too.

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