Mountain Biking Trails

DuPont State Forest,
Gorges State Park,
Pisgah Ranger District

A nice way to explore the trails

photo by Sarah Fonger

Mountain Biking Trails

Looking for a great place to mountain bike?


Congratulations—you’ve found it.  DuPont State Forest, Gorges State Park, and the Pisgah Ranger District of the Pisgah National Forest, all in Western North Carolina, feature hundreds of biking trails. You can not only create great there and back trails but also piece together great loops to connect to different destinations in each forest.  These trails range in difficulty from easy to expert.

Each area has something special to offer--from the steep climbs and descents of Pisgah to the playfulness of the DuPont loops.  The mountain biking scene is a now a blooming sport and promises to continue to grow.

This page covers mountain biking tips, techniques, and basic information as well as a complete list of all the biking trails divided by area.




1. Always wear a helmet when on a bike, NO exceptions

2. Make sure you are physically capable for the ride length

3. Always come prepared for your length of ride, including food, water, shelter, and safety equipment

4. Know your location at all times

5. Have fun--this is the focus of the sport


Wearing a helmet at all times keeps you safe.  Regardless of your skill level, your brain is a precious organ not easily replaced.  Most importantly, it makes us as bikers look like the sophisticated group that we are.


Know your abilities.  Long rides are not for everyone--being able to ride for longs distances takes a good amount of practice and dedication.  The worst feeling in the world is going out with friends and holding them back because you have to push you bike for a few hours.


Always be prepared for the ride, whether it be a short ride where you only need water and a tube or a long ride where you might need tents, food, medical supplies, etc.  The best ride in the world can go wrong at any second--being prepared will save you from a long day of hiking your bike back to the road or becoming stranded in the woods.


Know your location at all times.  No, this does not mean you have to know your gps location at all times, but you need to make sure you are watching the trail for marking and are still on the right route. Trails can switch in a split second while you are enjoying the ride, and you might find yourself 3 miles down the wrong trail you are not prepared for.  Having a reliable gps doesn’t hurt, either.


Most importantly, make sure that you are having fun out on the trails, whether it is a fun group ride or a training ride.  Having fun on the trails is, after all, the entire point!


Notes on Trash

Most of us who enter the woods enjoy the beauty.  Please be respectful and remember, if you pack it in, pack it out!  This includes all snack containers, chains, tubes, and anything not biodegradable.

DuPont, Gorges, and Pisgah Ranger District offer a variety of terrain, length, and excitement level to create rides to suit your fancy

photo by Sarah Fonger

Mountain Biking Trail byArea

DuPont State Forest

  1. Airstrip Trail
  2. Barn Trail
  3. Big Rock Trail
  4. Boundary Trail
  5. Bridal Veil Overlook Trail
  6. Bridal Veil Falls Road Trail
  7. Briery Fork Trail
  8. Buck Forest Road
  9. Buck Ridge Road Trail
  10. Buckhorn Creek Road Trail
  11. Burnt Mountain Trail
  12. Camp Summit Road Trail
  13. Cannon Creek Trail
  14. Cart Trail
  15. Cascade Trail
  16. Cedar Rock Trail
  17. Chestnut Oak Road Trail
  18. Conservation Road Trail
  19. Corn Mill Shoals Road Trail
  20. Covered Bridge Trail
  21. Farm House Trail
  22. Fawn Lake Road Trail
  23. Fawn Lake Loop
  24. Flat Rock Trail
  25. Flatwoods Trail
  26. Frank Street
  27. Grassy Creek Falls Trail
  28. Grassy Creek Trail
  29. Grassy Meadow Trail
  30. Guion Trail
  31. Hickory Mountain Loop
  32. Hickory Mountain Road Trail
  33. High Falls Trail
  34. Hill Top Trail
  35. Holly Road Trail
  36. Hooker Creek Trail
  37. Hooker Falls Road Trail
  38. Isaac Heath Trail
  39. Jim Branch Trail
  40. Joanna Road Trail
  41. Kid’s Bike Loop at Guion Farm
  42. Lake Imaging Road Trail
  43. Lake Julia Road Trail
  44. Lake View Loop
  45. Laurel Ridge Trail
  46. Little River Trail
  47. Locust Trail
  48. Longside Trail
  49. Micajah Trail
  50. Mine Mountain Trail
  51. Moore Cemetery Road Trail
  52. Nooks Trail
  53. Oak Tree Trail
  54. Pine Tree Trail
  55. Pitch Pine Trail
  56. Plantation Trail
  57. Poplar Hill Loop
  58. Poplar Trail
  59. Reasonover Creek Trail
  60. Ridgeline Trail
  61. Rifle Trail
  62. River Bend Trail
  63. Rock Quarry Road
  64. Rocky Ridge Trail
  65. Sandy Trail
  66. Scarlet Oak Trail
  67. Sheep Mountain Trail
  68. Shelter Rock Trail
  69. Shoal Creek Trail
  70. Shoals Trail
  71. Shortcut Trail
  72. Stone Mountain Trail
  73. Switchback Trail
  74. Table Rock Trail
  75. Tarkiln Branch Road Trail
  76. Thomas Cemetery Road Trail
  77. Three Lakes Trail
  78. Triple Falls Trail
  79. Turkey Knob Road Trail
  80. Twin Oaks Trail
  81. Twixt Trail
  82. White Pine Loop
  83. White Pine Road Trail
  84. Wilkie Trail
  85. Wintergreen Falls Trail

Gorges State Park

  1. Auger Hole Trail

Also, Chestnut Mountain Road accessible from the Grassy Ridge Parking Area is a great place to ride.  The Road is beyond the scope of Blue Ridge Hiker as it is not a hiking trail, but you can contact the Visitor Center for information. 

Chestnut Mountain Road access

photo by A. Scott Lavender

Pisgah Ranger District

  1. Avery Creek Trail
  2. Bear Branch Trail
  3. Bennett Gap Trail
  4.  Big Creek Trail (partial)
  5. Black Mountain Trail
  6.  Boyd Branch Trail
  7.  Bradley Creek Trail
  8.  Buckhorn Gap Trail
  9. Buckwheat Knob Trail
  10. Butter Gap Trail
  11. Campground Connector Trail
  12. Caney Bottom Trail (partial)
  13. Cantrell Creek Trail
  14. Cat Gap Loop (partial)
  15. Cemetery Loop
  16.  Club Gap Trail
  17.  Coontree Loop (partial)
  18.  Cove Creek Trail
  19. Daniel Ridge Loop
  20. Davidson River Trail
  21. Deerfield Loop
  22.  Deer Lake Lodge Trail
  23. Explorer Loop
  24. Explorer Loop Connector Trail
  25.  Farlow Gap Trail
  26.  Flat Laurel Creek Trail
  27.  Fletcher Creek Trail
  28.  Foster Creek Trail
  29.  Grassy Road Trail
  30. Greenslick Trail
  31.  Hardtimes Connector Trail
  32.  Homestead Trail (partial)
  33.  Horse Cove Gap Trail
  34.  Ingles Field Gap Trail
  35.  Laurel Creek Trail
  36.  Laurel Mountain Trail (partial)
  37.  Laurel Mountain Connector Trail
  38.  Ledford Trail
  39.  Little Hickory Top Trail
  40.  Long Branch Trail
  41.  Lower Sidehill Trail
  42. Middle Fork Trail
  43.  Mullinax Trail
  44.  North Boundary Trail
  45.  North Mills River Trail
  46.  North Slope Trail
  47.  Pilot Cove-Slate Rock Trail
  48.  Pilot Cove Loop
  49.  Pilot Rock Trail (partial)
  50.  Pine Tree Loop
  51.  Pink Beds Loop (partial)
  52.  Riverside Trail
  53.  Sidehill Trail
  54.  Sidehill Connector Trail
  55.  Small Creek Trail
  56.  South Mills River Trail
  57.  Spencer Branch Trail
  58.  Spencer Gap Trail
  59.  Squirrel Gap Trail
  60.  Summey Cove Trail
  61.  Sycamore Cove Loop
  62.  Thrift Cove Loop
  63.  Trace Ridge Trail (partial)
  64.  Turkey Pen Gap Trail
  65.  Vineyard Gap Trail
  66.  Wash Creek Trail
  67. Wolf Branch Trail
  68.  Yellow Gap Trail

Enjoy your ride!

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