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Twixt Trail in
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A trail guide to the Twixt Trail in DuPont State Forest.  This short trail is readily accessible and offers a nice stream and pine grove for the hiker.


The accessible end of the Twixt Trail is across Cascade Lake Road from the parking area for Rock Quarry Road Trail.  You will want to park there and walk across to the trail.  There are three ways to access the parking area: one from U.S. 276 in Cedar Mountain, N.C. and the other two from Crab Creek Road.  The two from Crab Creek Road are DuPont/Staton Road and Cascade Lake Road.  The former should be chosen by those wanting ease and speed; the latter should be chosen if you want to drive a slower gravel road with less ease and more scenery.

From Cedar Mountain, N.C.:  Take U.S. Highway 276.  Turn onto Cascade Lake Road.  Drive 2.3 miles to Rock Quarry Road Trail sign on the left.  There is a small parking area.

DuPont Road from Crab Creek Road:  Take Crab Creek Road (this road is also known as Kanuga Road in Henderson County should one be coming from Hendersonville).  Turn onto DuPont Road.  Travel 1.2 miles.  DuPont Road ends and Staton Road begins (i.e. DuPont Road becomes Staton Road—this change is due to the road crossing the county line between Henderson and Transylvania Counties).  At 5.4 miles, turn left onto Cascade Lake Road.  Travel .2 miles to Rock Quarry Road Trail on the right.  There is a small parking area and a trail sign.  This route is considered the primary route.

Cascade Lake Road from Crab Creek Road:  Take Crab Creek Road (this road is also known as Kanuga Road in Henderson County should one be coming from Hendersonville).  Turn onto Cascade Lake Road.  Travel 1.2 miles.  The road turns at a confusing junction with Hart Road.  Hart Road is paved and goes to the right.  Cascade Lake turns to gravel at this point and goes to the left.  Remain on Cascade Lake Road.  Travel 5 miles; this portion of the road is graveled.  Note the nice waterfall at mile 3.0.  At the 5 mile mark, the road turns into pavement.  Travel .4 miles.  Rock Quarry Road Trail is on the right.  There is a small parking area and a trail sign.  This route is the secondary route and takes significantly longer to travel.  It is less than two vehicles wide most of the way, so take your time and be aware.  I would not recommend this route except for the interesting features along the way (and, hey, I just like gravel roads), including Cascade Lake itself, lots of forest, and the waterfall mentioned above.

Blaze Markings:  unblazed

Length:  approximately .44 miles (approximately .88 miles there and back as the trail does not end at an accessible location; exactly 2311 feet; this is slightly longer than the DuPont State Forest trail map published by Friends of Dupont Forest (rev. 2008).


Detail of a tree in the pine grove on Twixt Trail.  This tree reminds me of a scarecrow or jack o' lantern.

photo by A. Scott Lavender

There are various ways to make the Twixt Trail a full or partial loop by using portions of Longside Trail, Pine Tree Trail, Corn Mill Shoals Trail, and Cascade Lake Road.  Please see the trail map or the trail reviews on this site to piece these together.

Difficulty:  moderate; this is the official trail designation; however, I would personally consider this an easy grade trail due to length as it is less than a mile even with the there and back length.

The Twixt Trail runs from Cascade Lake Road to Longside Trail.  It is an easy leg-stretcher trail with a very nice pine grove and follows an old, wide roadbed part of the way.  I do not know why it is named “Twixt”, but this is a shortened version of the archaic “betwixt” meaning “between”.  If this is what is meant by the name, I am not sure what it would be between other than Cascade Lake and Longside Trail.  Still, this is possible source.  I am speculating here and do not really know if this has anything to do with the name.  Whatever the reason for its name, you will want to be introduced to this mellow trail.

I hiked this trail in early March with my friend A. Scott Lavender.  It was a nice, warm day, and we hiked this trail along with Wilkie Trail and Longside Trail.  Talk about a great day.

I began measuring distance at the edge of Cascade Lake Road in front of the trail.  The first portion of the trail traverses a nice pine grove, though it isn’t exceptionally large.  The path passes through a nice patch of turkey brush before opening onto an old roadbed paralleling a stream.

The stream paralleling the trail.

photo by A. Scott Lavender

At 1105’, the trail breaks away from the wide roadbed and crosses the stream.  The roadbed continues to parallel the stream.

At 2058’, a wet weather spring flows under the trail via a plastic culvert.

At 2311’, the trail ends at a junction with Longside Trial.

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